Service Hours


We cherish our parent and school volunteers. Volunteers are critical to our children’s success. Fulfilling your service hour commitment gives each family an opportunity to be a part of their child’s Catholic education first-hand. It also allows us to strengthen our community environment by building relationships among families while working together towards a common goal. Our program ensures that all families are involved equally in the responsibility of maintaining our school.

At Assumption, each family is required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of service between September and June. Excess hours cannot be carried over to the next school year. For graduating/non returning families, service hours need to be completed by May 31.

In order to earn credit for any service performed, a service coupon must be submitted and approved within two weeks after the service was earned. All coupons must have the family first, last names and parish envelope # (if applicable), and the signature/approval of the person in charge of the event. Service coupons can be sent in to the office in the weekly parent envelope, or they can be deposited in the “service coupon” envelope located in the office. One progress report will be sent home mid-school year to show your earned service hours. You may also keep track of your earned service hours on our website.  Only the event or committee chairperson is authorized to approve the service coupon.

Each family signs up for an Assumption event/committee otherwise an Assumption event/committee will be assigned.  If you do not sign up for an event or service commitment, then you will be assigned to the Auction Gala or Family Fun Night committees. You must fulfill your requirement at the event you signed up for or were assigned to, even if you reach your service commitment of 30 hours prior to the event taking place. If you are asked to work in some of other area that will allow you to acquire your hours you must seek the approval of the Committee Chair to which you volunteered or were assigned.

Most of our events will not give you the entire 30 hours required. It is your responsibility to complete your service hours at any one of the many volunteer opportunities within the school:

  • Baccalaureate luncheon
  • Carline am/pm
  • Classroom Help
  • End of the Year Picnic
  • Graduation Reception
  • Help with art classes
  • Help with computer classes
  • Lunch and recess duty
  • Office Help
  • Other Service opportunities will be listed in the weekly bulletin
  • Parking attendants for special events
  • Scrip Marketing
  • Sports Banquet
  • Transportation/Chaperone for field trips or sporting events
  • Volunteering for class events (Grandparents Day, International Dinner, etc..)

* All parents that have contact with the school children must have completed the Virtus training session.

For new Assumption families, you are required to commit to a minimum of 15 hours out of the 30 hour requirement at either Family Fun Night or Auction Gala. It is a great way to meet all the families as these are the schools largest fund raising projects.

Although this program is not intended as a fundraising event, a $20.00 per short fall hour will be charged to any family that has not fulfilled their total service hour commitment This fee may not be counted towards your fundraising goal.


Frequently asked questions:

What is required of each family?

Each family must make a commitment to one of the Fundraising or Service Events, and a total of 30 hours of service.


What happens if I don’t fulfill the service requirement?

We believe that this commitment is achievable for all families. Those families not fulfilling their service obligation will be billed $20 per shortfall hour on prior to registration for the next school year.. If you have a special circumstance that limits you from completing your service obligation, please schedule an appointment with Ms. Testacross. If you have an idea for a new service you can provide for the school, you must contact the PTO Volunteers chairperson.

How do I sign up for service?

Signups for Fundraising and Service Events are in late May or early June. Each family may choose their event, as long as it is not full by the time they sign up. Those families who do not sign up, and all new families, will be assigned to the Auction Gala or Family Fun Night.

How does this work?

You must give service hours towards your fundraising or service event. For each hour that is completed, you will fill out a service coupon and have it signed by your service chairperson. You can then place the coupon in your weekly parent envelope, or drop it off in the “service coupon” envelope located in the office. Service coupons will be sent home to the parents in September. They can also be obtained in the office.

What if I don’t have enough service hours?

You must commit to completing hours on your fundraising or service event. Any additional hours needed, can come from other approved opportunities. Service opportunities will be listed in the weekly bulletin. You may also speak with your room parent regarding opportunities within the classroom, or you can speak with the PTO Volunteers Chairperson for ideas.  They can be contacted at It is each family’s responsibility to make sure that they complete the 30 hours by the end of the school year.

Fundraising and Service Events/Committees:

*Parents must commit to at least one of the following.

  • Auction Gala/Procurement for Auction Gala
  • Annual Giving Campaign
  • Book Fair
  • Coaches
  • Coffee/Donut Closet Keeper
  • Family Fun Night/Annual Drawing
  • Grandparents Day
  • Hospitality
  • Library Help
  • Office Help
  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • Parish Help
  • Religious Education
  • Room Parent (one per grade)
  • Safety
  • School Supplies Committee
  • Spiritual Room Parent
  • Sports Boosters, including Jog-a-Thon
  • Weekly Kindergarten or 2nd Grade Centers Help
  • Weekly Meal service/Yard Duty
  • Year Book Committee

Can home bake goods or supplies be donated in lieu of service hours?

We accept baked goods or supplies for service hours.  For baked goods, we give 1 hour for every 3 dozen of any baked good.  Supplies include Gatorade for the vending machine, water bottles for events.  We credit 1 hour for every $20 spent.  Receipts will be required.  We allow maximum of 3 hours credit on baked goods and supplies.

We are always grateful for your enthusiastic support of our many worthwhile activities and events!