ABVM 7th and 8th grade teams competed in the LA regional Odyssey of the Mind competition  at San Marino High School.

The 8th grade team was assigned to write and perform a short play that involved humor and animals solving problems.  A door had to be constructed and incorporated into the play.  The audience was very impressed and the students had everyone laughing at the creative humor.

The 7th grade team was assigned the structure problem.  They had to build a structure from Balsa wood that would support heavy weight.  Additionally, they had to write a script with scenery, props, and costumes where the Balsa wood structure was integrated.  Our team build a radio tower and created a Gilligan’s Island type of script with the concept that that tower could help them radio for help.

Although we did not qualify for state regionals, our students did really well and utilized creative problem solving skills in collaboration with their peers.  Go Gators!