The winners for the 2018 Science fair are

8th Grade
1st: Pool Water Paranoia: Micaela Rosales and Nikkie Tan
2nd: Exercising Your Brain: Abigail Chang and Nicole Henke
3rd: Burning Calories: Kaleigh O’Leary and Leila Horstmeyer

7th Grade
1st: Spice Up Your Life: Tyler Ferrante and Alex Varela
2nd: The Colors of Sound: Kaylin Compton and Angela Echaorre
3rd: Confronting Ocean Acidification: Casey Aghili and Sophia Mercurio

6th Grade
1st: Grafting Plants: Madelynn dela Rosa, Gabrielle Chang, Juan Izaguirre and Robert Teruya
2nd: Light it Up: Christopher Bahou, Christopher Koyamatsu, Kristen Lee and Ella Suckling
3rd: Is bigger better?: Tyler Cwiak, Sydney DeMesa, John Paszkiewicz and Taryn Pratt


Thanks to Mrs. Faenza for guiding our students!