Visual and Performing Arts



Choose a field of study such as music, dance, drama, or visual arts. To earn the Certificate of Merit in Visual and Performing Arts, y

1. Become familiar with the basic elements in your field of study:

A) MUSIC: Define pitch, rhythm, harmony, tempo, form, instrumentation, and texture. Create or perform a musical composition and identify all elements (audio/video).
B) DANCE: Define movement, body awareness, space, technique, rhythm, and form. Create or perform a dance identifying all elements (video).
C) DRAMA: Define plot, structure, effectiveness, and message. Create or perform a dramatic presentation identifying all elements (video).
D) VISUAL ARTS: Define color, line shade, shape, volume, texture, balance, repetition, contrast, and message. Create a work of visual arts, identifying all elements.

2. Interview – choose one of the following:

A) Interview an artist, musician, painter, sculptor, or actor. Tell what he/she does and how he/she prepares for the job.
B) Interview a person who takes music, dance, drama, or art lessons. Find out what
makes the study enjoyable, frustrating, and how much time is involved.

3. Attend a concert, ballet, art museum, or play and bring in a brochure and do one of the following:

A) A picture display with captions
B) A narrated video-taped tour
C) A model or diorama, including a brief description of the event
D) A written description of what you saw/heard, what you liked/disliked and why

4. Research an important artist, musician, painter, sculptor, dancer, or actor and write a report.

5. Analyze a period of history and the art, music, dance, or theater of the period.

6. Write a report on the following:

A) Listen to a piece of music by a classical musician, go to an exhibit of modern art, watch a modern ballet, or watch a modern play and bring in a brochure.
B) Analyze the art experience above by exploring:

1) The time period in which it was created.
2) The message the artist tries to communicate.
3) The creator’s use of the artistic elements.
4) Why you enjoy/dislike it.

7. Watch and analyze a movie, video, or video game and explain how the music affects performance, mood, and overall feeling of the viewer.