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I am blessed to experience a school with so much warmth and generosity. From the friendly, skilled office team, to the dedicated, energetic faculty, to those who tend to our facility and grounds with such loving care, Assumption is a beautiful place indeed. Most importantly, our parents and children provide daily inspiration and love.

The written vision of Assumption begins with “In partnership with parents…” Starting a vision statement with that phrase is significant and powerful. We are declaring, from the first moment, that, at Assumption, we are all about family. We are about investing in mutually respectful and collaborative energy with our parents. Parents who choose Assumption, understand and value that the success and well-being of their children depends on the authenticity of this partnership. And although, most every school “talks the talk” of partnership, truly living it is a much harder endeavor. Last week, I continually find myself observing numerous situations that give joyful evidence to the health of these partnerships. Not only are we a “community in unity”, but more distinctively,we are like extended family. And this quality is part of the unique gift of Assumption.

Merriam-Webster dictionary includes the following definition for family: “a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.” So although most of us are not technically related to each other or living under one household, we are united as a group of people. We are a community that has common convictions and affiliation. Our faith, our values, our belief in perseverance through obstacles and discomfort, our collective joy and optimism for the future of our children and welfare of the world join us together in a social and spiritual bond.

Beginning as an English teacher, and then moving to leadership roles, including assistant principal, principal, Head of School, consultant, and grant project director; I have enjoyed every opportunity to serve and learn. “Every day, everyone a learner” is my philosophy. We accomplish that best by providing “stretch not stress” for ourselves and our students. It is a great honor at this point in my career to serve at Assumption School – a place that is distinguished by its living faith, its love of children, and its passion for learning. I have witnessed the difference that a Catholic education makes in the lives of students. Both of our daughters attended Catholic high schools, one of whom graduated from La Salle in 2011 and Loyola Marymount University in 2015.

If you are not already “official” please consider joining our school and parish family! Call 626-793-2089 for a visit!


Joanne Testacross, Principal