Homework is a reinforcement, extension and/or preparation of materials and skills covered in the classroom, and allows the student an opportunity to work independently.As reinforcement, assignments should cover skills previously taught and which are understood by the majority of the class. As extension, long-term projects such as compositions, book reports, research projects, and oral presentations may be assigned. Students may gather or prepare materials needed for class projects.

Homework is generally assigned Monday through Thursday. In the primary grades, a homework sheet is sent home each week. In 3rd grade, students are provided with the homework sheet and they are expected to copy the assignments from the board. In grades 4-8, each student must have a homework assignment planner and assignments are written on the board for students to copy.

Making up work missed because of absence or insufficient effort during the week to complete long term projects.

  • The student needs extra practice on basic skills.
  • The pace of class work must be accelerated: (8th grade algebra may require work on the weekends).

Individual class homework policies, procedures, and timelines are explained by the teacher at Back To School Night.

Students who fail to complete their homework may be sent to Study Hall after school.

Due to the varied schedule of classes, homework may not be assigned on a daily basis. Students are still expected to spend time doing any of the following:

  • Doing follow-up and/or review of classwork.
  • Preparing for upcoming tests and/or quizzes.
  • Working on long term assignments.
  • Doing preparatory work or assigned readings.

Homework Time Allotments

These time allotments are approximate. Individual students may require more or less time on a given day, depending on their individual effort, skills and capabilities.


Kindergarten One activity
1st Grade 20-35 minutes
2nd Grade 30-45 minutes


3rd Grade 45-60 minutes
4th Grade 50-70 minutes
5th Grade 60-75 minutes

Junior High

6th Grade 75-90 minutes
7th Grade 90-120 minutes
8th Grade 90-120 minutes


Parents can do their part to help with homework by:

  • Providing a desk or table in a quiet place (no TV, radio, phone calls, or other interruptions).
  • Scheduling a regular time for study.
  • Supplying reference books, if possible.
  • Seeing that their child spends the allotted time for their grade level.
  • Impressing upon their child the importance of completing their assignments, but avoiding undue pressure.
  • Showing their child that they are interested by checking the work for accuracy and neatness.
  • Signing homework assignments as requested.
  • Requiring their child to read daily.
  • Encourage students to review class notes, study, and reread class assignments.