Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Assumption strives to make each student’s educational experience unique to their needs. Through a rigorous academic program, paired with service learning and faith-based education, our students graduate well prepared to face their collegiate years.


We educate our students in a nurturing environment, rooted in Gospel values and Catholic traditions, where each child is recognized, respected, and cherished as a child of God. In partnership with the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Community, we guide our students to grow in love, understanding, and practice of their Catholic faith, to realize their individual academic potential, and to be responsible citizens who are Christ-like in their service to others.


In partnership with parents and the parish community, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School provides a quality Catholic education that lays the foundation for a life-long commitment of service and participation in our faith and an academically enriched experience that prepares students for the challenges of the future.


We Believe:

  • Catholic schools exist to integrate faith, life, and culture.
  • Parents are the first, most important educators, and that their beliefs, values and actions are the primary and strongest influence on children’s lives.
  • The function of elementary education is to build a strong foundation of basic skills, work habits, and character development in preparation for higher education and for life.
  • Students learn best in an atmosphere of loving acceptance of their unique given qualities.
  • Students must work hard to do their best, and must strive to their full potential as Christian members of their community.
  • A Catholic education leads students to be academic achievers, good citizens, Christ-centered, and true stewards of God’s creation.

99% of students who attend Catholic high school graduate. Of those, 86% attend 4-year colleges. (NCEA)