Gator Enrichment Program Overview


Gator Enrichment Program strives to provide quality after – school program for all ABVM students. Our mission is to provide a safe environment, hands-on enrichment, innovative experiences, leadership opportunities, and youth empowerment. Including homework assistance tutoring, academic enrichment, recreation, and social skills development.

Extended Care (Gator Club) is provided for students who do not have an adult to care for them before and/or after school. All students of Assumption School are eligible for Extended Care. The program is an integral part of the school and shares its philosophy and goals. The overall well-being of each child is nourished in a Christian atmosphere. A safe and caring environment is provided to promote a sound social, emotional, and academic center for the growth and development of the whole child.

The students in Extended Care chose the name “Gator Club” because the school mascot is the alligator and our sports teams are known as the “Assumption Gators.” Gator Club is situated in the  parish Msgr. Crean Hall  with access to the parish kitchen and the playground.

The children are divided into units that correspond with their class in school. Each unit has a unit leader who is in charge of the children.   

The Extended Care Program includes:

  • Time set aside for homework with staff available for individual help
  • Art & crafts
  • Music and drama productions
  • Nature and hands-on science activities
  • A variety of outdoor and indoor games
  • Daily snacks
  • Conflict resolution/peer mediation
  • Health and safety instruction
  • Stem building activities
  • Jr. Chef
  • Christ centered yoga
  • Zumba for kids
  • and much more…..

Training of staff is ongoing with staff meetings and workshops pertaining to school-age care. A registration packet which sets forth the written policies and guidelines regarding eligibility, schedules, and procedures is available to all those who participate in the program. A bulletin board and monthly newsletter keep families apprised of monthly snack schedules, program additions, fundraisers, and the monthly calendar of events. Further information about Extended Care may be obtained from the school office or by contacting the Gator Club at (213)864-6382. 


Registration fee: $25.00 per family, billed upon first use of morning or after school program.

 Hourly rate: $8.00/hour (after school) and $5.00/flat fee.

Any fraction of the hour will be billed in 30 minute increments.


Morning program provides our students with a safe and supervised environment that meets the needs of the working family. We will offer some enrichment and recreational activities.  The morning program begins at 7:00 am  Monday – Friday. Students will meet in Msgr. Crean Hall.  Anyone who is on school grounds before 7:40 am will be sent to Gator and charged accordingly.  Morning program parents are required to sign-in their child daily.


The Gator Enrichment Program operates Monday – Friday from dismissal time until 6:00 pm. Parents and students will have the opportunity to sign up for enrichment clubs of their choice. Enrichment clubs will last 9-10 weeks.


All students who attend the Gator Enrichment Program must be signed in and out daily. Failure to sign-out students will be assessed a fee of $5.00 (full-time gator). The Gator staff will be responsible for signing students in at the beginning of the program. Students who arrive late must provide a note from parent/teacher indicting the reason for late arrival.Students may only be signed out and released to an authorized adult ( eighteen years or older) unless there is a written release of responsibility on file, signed by the parent/guardian.

      Only parents/guardians and authorized adults, whose names appear on the student’s application/ emergency card, will be allowed to sign out a student.

Adults must present photo identification to the staff upon request. If an adult attempts to sign out a student but has not been authorized on the application/emergency car, the student will not be released. Written notification must be submitted to the Enrichment Coordinator for new adults to sign out their student.

  Late Pick-Up

If a child is left after 6:00 pm a fee of $2.00 per minute will apply from 6:01-6:15 pm and $15.00 per minute after 6:15 pm.  Students who are frequently picked up late may  be dismissed from the program.

  Student Absences

Parent must notify the Gator Enrichment Coordinator if their child is absent from the program.


  • Children not picked up by the end of dismissal are checked into Extended Care and charged from dismissal.
  • The first use of part time care, morning care, or Study Hall will include a $25.00 registration fee (if not already registered).
  • Any part of an hour is charged as an hour.
  • A fee of $2.00 per minute will apply 6:01-6:15 p.m. and $15.00 per minute after 6:15 p.m. Frequent lateness in picking up a child(ren) is grounds for terminating the child(ren)’s participation in the program.
  • Payment is made in advance by the 5th of the month. A fee of $25.00 is charged for late payments.
  • Any child(ren) whose parents fail to meet these payment expectations when due will not be eligible to continue in this program.
  • The adult picking up the child must sign him/her out, or the following charges will be assessed per incident.
  • Full time extended care: $5.00 morning / $8.00 afternoon
  • Part time extended care: the hourly rate until 6:00 p.m. plus $5.00.
  •  Permissions for release of students must be on file in Extended Care.