Summer Math

Dear Parents and Students,

The goal of summer math is to reinforce the math habits and skills acquired in the previous grades and to build on prior knowledge.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School is using IXL to provide practice and
reinforcement of math concepts throughout the summer. This program allows us to differentiate
instruction to help kids learn at their own level. Students will be assigned problems by their
current math teacher in order to work on problems that are most beneficial to them.

Please click the link below for IXL instructions.

Incoming  1st Graders Summer Math

Incoming 1st Grade Summer Assignment Letter

Incoming 1st Grade Summer Math Assignment PDF

Incoming  2nd Graders Summer Math

Incoming 2nd Grade Summer Math Homework 2022-23 IXL Student Parent Instructions PDF

Incoming 3rd/4th Graders Summer Math

Incoming 3rd-4th Grade Summer Math Homework-2022-23 IXL Student Parent Instructions PDF

Incoming 5th Graders Summer Math           

Incoming 5th Grade Summer Math


Incoming 6th Graders Summer Math 

Incoming 6th Grade Summer Math


Incoming 7th Graders Summer Math 

Incoming 7th Grade Summer Math


Incoming 8th Graders Summer Math 

Incoming 8th Grade Summer Math