A primary mission of Assumption School, is to be both exceptional and accessible –– exceptional in educational quality and accessible to all those who seek a spiritually based foundation for their children.  To achieve that goal, we have established the Faith in Our Future Annual Fund that provides financial assistance to families in need.  To insure good stewardship of these funds, all applicants are required to follow the guidelines below.

New SHEA Award

The Department of Catholic Schools was blessed to receive a generous grant from the SHEA foundation that is allocated for tuition assistance to those families who are specifically new enrollees to Catholic schools or who had to leave due to financial hardship during the 2020/2021 school year. This gift has now allowed hundreds more children throughout LA County to be gifted with a Catholic education. This donation is for NEW families to our Catholic school system and can be almost 50% OFF TUITION!


Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Student must have a registration date after 7/1/21.
  • Student can be in grades K through 8th.
  • Student cannot have been enrolled in an LA Archdiocese Catholic School during the Spring Semester of the 20-21 School Year.
    • If students were previously enrolled in a Catholic School they should be at least 1 semester removed from the LA Catholic School system.
    • Exceptions can be made if student was previously at another Catholic school that is not within a 20-mile radius of your school or if their previous catholic school has been closed.
  • Student’s family income must not exceed the New Enrollment Initiative: Shea Tuition Award (STA) Income Guidelines.

Completed Application Deadline for each school year is March 31

General Information for Tuition Assistance:

  • Applicant families are required to apply for financial aid through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) to be considered for funding under the school tuition assistance program.  Only those families who apply to CEF will be considered for tuition assistance.
  • Financial Aid is awarded for one year only. Families with continued need are required to reapply each year.
  • Families apply online at
  • If available, non-custodial parent’s financial information needs to be submitted in addition to the custodial parent information
  • Applicants are charged a fee (approximately $35) by FACTS Tuition Management to process the application which is paid directly online with the application.


Required Documents to be Submitted to FACTS by the deadline above:

  • Parents Income Tax Return including ALL schedules: W2s, 1099s, etc. If parents file separate returns, both are required.  Non-custodial tax returns, if available, should be provided.
  • A signed 4506-T Form (including names, social security numbers, address, signatures and dates only). This form is called “Request for Transcript” or “Copy of Tax Return”.  It means that you are authorizing the school to obtain a copy of your Tax Return directly from the IRS for verification purposes.
  • If your current tax return is not yet available, you may submit your previous year tax return. You are then required to submit your current return no later than April 15 of the year after.
  • If any discrepancies are discovered in your application, the school will notify you. It then has the right to withdraw any financial assistance.


Process to Determine Awards:

Summary information provided by FACTS, along with IRS verification, is submitted to the Financial Aid Committee for their review. Family names are removed to protect confidentiality and bias.  After initial recommendations are made by this committee, the pastor and the principal review the information and the committee recommendations, making final decisions to be awarded.  Available funds, number of family applicants, and parish involvement are taken into consideration.  Parents may also submit a personal letter if they wish to explain extenuating circumstances. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded for any review. Award letters, as well as Letters of Regret, will be mailed or emailed home.

If you are a new applicant after the deadline or have experienced a sudden and unexpected financial hardship, please contact the school Business Office to determine whether any funds are still available.

HELP IS AVAILABLE FROM FACTS –  Call 1-866-441-4637 CST  Email:

CEF Tuition Award:

In addition, but separate, from school awards, the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) provides awards of up to $1,000 for families with children in K – 8th grade. Applicant families are required to meet the financial criteria of being at, or below, federal poverty guidelines, and who, without support, would not be able to afford a Catholic education for their children.

For more information you may go to: or call 213-637-7475.


Call 1-866-441-4637