Consultative Board

About the Board
The Consultative Catholic School Board is designed to provide advice and counsel to the pastor and school principal. Advice and counsel is generally provided in the following six areas:

  1. Policy formulation – consistent with Diocesan policy;
  2. Strategic, long-range planning;
  3. Development/Institutional advancement;
  4. Financial planning, budgeting, financial management, analysis and financial reporting;
  5. Mission effectiveness and mission enhancement;
  6. Marketing & Communications
  7. Evaluation, including:
    • Board self-evaluation;
    • Input with regard to policies and plans.

The Board is made up of various ABVM Community members:

  • Parishioners
  • Alumni
  • Grandparents
  • Parents of Alumni
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Current Parents
  • Community Members

Purpose of Committees:


  • To provide overall Board leadership and coordination of board function and responsibilities;
  • To act as liaison with the school administration and Board.


  • To formulate and propose to the Board, policies and plans which will ensure that the school maintains & enhances its identity as Catholic and carries out its mission;
  • To work with and through the administration, with the staff and faculty on programs designed to publicly enhance the Catholic character and identity of the school.

Policy & Planning:

  • To assist the administration in the formulation of a long-range strategic plan;
  • To monitor the strategic plan and review objectives for possible policy;
  • To assist the administration in the formulation of policy and guide academic, student, business, development and faith community affairs.

Finance Committee:

  • To monitor the current year budget and develop and propose to the Board a budget for the next fiscal year;
  • To prepare, update and monitor long-range financial plans for the school;
  • To oversee, from a policy and planning perspective, business operations of the school.

Development Committee:

  • To assist the Board in carrying out its policy and policy responsibilities with regard to public relations, communications and development/institutional advancement;
  • To assist the administration in the implementation of development/institutional advancement programs and efforts.

Facilities & Grounds:

  • To develop and monitor current and long-term facility maintenance, capital improvements, security, space utilization and emergency management plans for the school.

The Consultative School Board is NOT a governing board and as such we do not:

  • Act apart from the pastor or principal;
  • Make decisions binding on the school without the approval of the pastor and principal;
  • Evaluate, hire or fire faculty and staff;
  • Establish or make decisions relating to curriculum;
  • Establish salary levels;
  • Participate in disciplinary process;
  • Manage the PTO.