Character Animation Class


This 8 week course will introduce students to the fundamental techniques used in computer-generated animation. We will do so using the Blender animation tool, a community-driven open source software capable of production-quality animation for videos or games. The students will have the opportunity to make their own creations and make prototype prints on the school’s 3D printers. The class is formatted in a 2 hour block on Fridays after school. Each week will focus on a new topic relevant to computer animation. The first hour focuses on the concepts and mechanics of how to use Blender to do certain actions, such as the necessary keystrokes and buttons. This is followed up with a hands-on example that the class does together to show the technique in action. The second hour is open creation time for the students where they can pursue their own creative interests and ask for help on how to translate their ideas onto the screen.

Dates are as follows:

1/13 3-5PM

1/20 3-5PM

1/27 3-5PM

2/3 3-5PM

2/10 3-5PM

2/24 3-5PM

3/3 3-5PM

3/10 3-5PM

For questions please contact Steven Horst at