Parent/Student Policies Agreement Form

Parent/Student Policies Agreement Form
We, the administration, faculty, staff, and PTO of Assumption School, welcome you to our school community which is firmly committed to providing a Catholic education for your children.

The success of our school community demands the commitment and dedication of the administration, faculty, staff, and parents to the philosophy and goals of the school. Thus, we ask you to read the following agreement and sign it as an indication of your acceptance of your responsibilities to the school community.


1. We understand that the school is a Catholic parish school under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. We accept, therefore:
- That the pastor of the parish is the ex-officio Chief Administrative Officer of the school who carries out the policies of the Archdiocesan Advisory Board and, on points not covered by Archdiocesan policy, determines policies appropriate to the needs of the school.
- That the principal is responsible for the immediate direction and supervision of the school program.

2. We understand that certain responsibilities require our continuous support if the school is to achieve its goals. We agree, therefore:
- To participate at Sunday Mass weekly and to participate in parish activities so that our children may have a sense of the importance of their faith commitment and community in their lives.
- To participate in the Religion Program and related activities in order to make the teaching of Religion a reality in the lives of our children.
- To encourage our children to learn by providing the environment (space and time) suitable for home study.
- To abide by all school and Archdiocesan policies and regulations and to positively accept all disciplinary actions, including withdrawal of our children, for non-compliance with these policies and regulations.
- To communicate respectfully with all personnel at all times and to communicate to our child(ren) our support of school personnel and policies.
- To promptly complete and return all forms and records necessary to comply with school, Archdiocesan, and state regulations.
- To participate in school activities such as Back to School Night, Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, parent meetings, and programs.

3. We understand that tuition and fees cover only a part of the total cost of educating our children. We agree, therefore:
- That the obligation to pay all charges for the full academic year is unconditional and that tuition and fees will not be refunded or pro-rated upon any early withdrawal for whatever reason.
- To make regular and prompt payment of tuition/fees; pay applicable late payment fees; and accept that my child(ren) may be excluded from school at any point that tuition becomes more than 60 days in arrears.
- To submit parish donation envelopes weekly at Sunday Mass at Assumption Church (if receiving the supporting parishioner tuition rate).
- To fulfill our service obligations as explained in full in the Parent/Student Handbook.
- To participate in the Fundraising Program and to meet our scrip requirement as explained in full in the Parent/Student Handbook.
- To participate in the Annual Fund Campaign.
- To abide by the decision of the pastor/principal should circumstances lead us to request exemption for all or part of your obligation.

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