technology1Program Overview

BEYOND Technology Education lives its Mission of “inspiring educators in the use of technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom”. We do this by helping teachers, students, administrators, parents and all stake holders of a school to understand and value the integration of technology into the entire school culture. This process is not a simple hardware fix or software solution. This process is done in several steps that evaluate teachers, students, curriculum and the school’s infrastructure. Once this has begun, a full school Integration plan can be developed and implemented. The results of a BEYOND Technology Education Integration Plan are:tech1

  • Return on investment – teachers teaching better and students learning better through engaging lesson plans that incorporate higher order thinking skills and positively impact student achievement.
  • Lifelong learning – teachers and students developing a problem solving ability to keep pace with the changes in technology that they will undoubtedly encounter throughout their educational and professional careers.
  • Computer fluency – the ability to understand the computer as a “tool”, how to use it and when to use it, taught within the school’s academic curriculum framework.
  • School-wide technology integration – technology becomes seamless and is no longer an optional add-on but a truly integrated part of the culture or DNA of the school. This is accomplished by bringing the ISTE Standards based high tech learning in the computer lab into the classroom curriculum with both lab teachers and classroom teachers orchestrating just-in-time learning plans.
  • Promote The 3 “C’s” of Professional Development – research proves that a trained staff will use and innovate teaching methods at a greater rate after developing “confidence, competence and content“.
    tech2The 3 “C’s” are critical to getting teachers inspired and actively learning ways in which technology can improve student achievement. Confidence begins with our Professional Development course, BEYOND Technology Basics for Teachers. Competence is built up as teachers attend the weekly computer class with their students and co-teach using the BTE Student Curriculum for Students. Content is developed in partnership with our Educational Professionals and classroom teachers as they integrate their standards based lessons with engaging and exciting technology to create powerful technology enriched lesson plans. Basically by not bringing something entirely new and foreign to teachers but by weaving technology projects into the lesson plans teachers already are comfortable with is our approach.




tech4Our philosophies promote inspired teachers, motivated students and excited parents. We carefully develop a sustainable, three-year plan for complete school-wide technology integration that utilizes academically and fiscally sound methods. This happens by simply applying researched and proven plans that have been updated and modified for each unique school setting. The three steps include:

  • Training teachers
  • Training students
  • Integrating technology into the classroom curriculum

Basically we want to move the entire school BEYOND what is believed to be achievable today.