Accelerated Reader

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Accelerated Reader Enterprise (AR) is a reading software available to each student that offers unlimited access to more than 120,000 quizzes and helps the students to:Accelerated reader picture2

  • Make essential reading practice more effective
  • Personalize reading practice to their current level
  • Assess their reading with four types of quizzes: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice, Literacy Skills, and Textbook Quizzes
  • Build a lifelong love of reading and learning


Accelerated reader pictureWhen you have opened the Renaissance Learning link, you may enter the title of the book or the author to check the book level.  If you would like to see or print out a list of books at a certain level, click on Advanced Search and fill in the highlighted spaces

Please consult your childʼs teacher for the number of books required per trimester and the recommended Book Level and Points.