School Wide Learning Expectation “SLE”

As part of the past accreditation and self-study, Assumption developed the following School-Wide Learning Expectations (SLEs) that guide the academic, athletic, spiritual, and service programs of the school:


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
School Wide Learning Expectation

Faithful Disciples who:

Pray, participate in Sunday Mass, and receive the sacraments
Know the Gospel message, and the beliefs and traditions of their faith.
Serve others, work for social justice, and are active members of the faith community

Responsible Citizens who:

respect themselves, others, and God’s creation.
love their country, exercise their rights, and fulfill their responsibilities.
are globally aware, sensitive to diversity, and seek justice for all.

Motivated Learners who:

are self-disciplined and self-reliant.
possess a positive self-image and sense of purpose.
set realistic goals, work hard, and do their best.

Academic Achievers who:

master grade level expectations.
produce high quality work.
use a variety of strategies to learn.

Effective Communicators who:

write and speak logically and fluently.
listen carefully and respond effectively.
utilize technological resources for communication and research.

Critical Thinkers who:

reason and make ethical decisions.
develop a range of problem-solving strategies.
integrate their experience and acquired knowledge