Participation Requirements

Students must:

  • Uphold the values, philosophy and reputation of Assumption School.
  • Have satisfactory academic, behavior, and work habits grades.
  • Complete their class work and homework each day.
  • Attend all games and practices.
  • Observe all safety rules.
  • Go to Extended Care after a practice/game if not picked up on time.

Students are ineligible for a practice or game if:

  • They are assigned to Study Hall to complete their homework or classwork.
  • They miss school because of illness or an unexcused absence.

Parents must:

  • Sign the after school sports contract and sports permission slip.
  • Pay the sports fee for the season.
  • Pay the uniform deposit, which will be retained if the uniform is not returned in good condition.
  • Attend the sport orientation meeting.
  • Model good sportsmanship at games and practices.
  • Fulfill their responsibility to transport students and provide snacks for games.

Communicate any questions or concerns directly to the Sports Coordinator or Sports Booster Club officers, not the coaches.
Pick up their children on time or pay the Gator Club fees.


In elementary school the children’s growth and development are best served when all interested students are allowed to participate in sports. To sustain such a policy, parents must be willing to provide additional help so there are sufficient coaches, supervision, and transportation.

The Sports Booster Club will inform parents if large numbers of students are trying out for a team and enlist their help, in order to avoid cuts.


The principal may, at her discretion, allow a student to participate in after school sports regardless of the participation requirements, if she determines that the benefits to the child justify an exception to the general policy.


The Principal, all school staff, volunteer coaches, and parent chaperones/ drivers are responsible for providing adequate supervision of pupils during the entire time they are on school premises or engaged in school-sponsored activities.

Pupils are never to be left unsupervised. Ineffective supervision as well as total lack of supervision may constitute lack of ordinary care required of those responsible.
Pupils are never to be sent on errands outside the school campus. They may leave the grounds or be released from school only at the written request of their parent and may be suspended or expelled for leaving campus without this written permission and official release.

Students who participate in after school activities must be picked up on time. If parents are late, children will be sent to extended care and parents will be charged. Students must follow all Gator Club rules.

The parent/guardian is expected to provide transportation to any event taking place outside normal school hours.

Student Sign-out

Students must be signed out at the end of the day. Coaches are responsible for supervision from 2:45 to 4:30 p.m. (or upon return from a game/practice). If a student is not picked up at 4:30 p.m., the Sports Coordinator or coach will check the student into Extended Care in the auditorium. The parents will be charged from the time of return from a game. Coaches may request longer practices if needed.

Parents may not take their child from the park or game location without informing the coach and signing the child out. Failure to do so may result in the child being excluded from participation in the Sports Program.


Parents may not criticize, upbraid, insult, or undermine the authority of the coach.
If a parent or player has a complaint or concern regarding a coach, he/she should state it in writing and give it to the Sports Coordinator or the PTO representative of the Sports Booster Club.

In any serious matter, the grievance statement should be given directly to the principal