Walking to Park

Any student not following safety rules may be suspended from the team immediately.

  • If the practice/game is held at the local park, players walk to and from the park with at least two adults. Clear safety directions must be given in advance.
  • Students must walk back to school with their coaches and be picked by their parents at school, unless written permission is on file allowing them to walk or bike home from school.



The Sports Coordinator and coaches are responsible for safe transportation of students to practices and games, but will not drive players to games.

Parents must drive players to all games/tournaments and must follow the regulations established for field trip drivers (See “Policies and Procedures for Volunteer Drivers” in Appendix).

  • The coach does not tell a student which car he/she will ride in.
  • No adult should be alone with a child.
  • If there are not enough drivers, some students will stay at school.
  • Drivers/chaperones will stay with the children until a supervisor arrives.


Weekend Events

At weekend events, parents are responsible to transport and supervise their children. The school and its employees will not be responsible for supervision on weekends. An event should be canceled if there is insufficient transportation or parental supervision.


The school does not sponsor sports parties. Such events are independent of the school, and must be arranged and supervised by parents off campus. In special cases, the principal may give permission to the coach to have a party on campus.


Students staying to watch a home game must:

  • Stay at the lunch benches until the game begins.
  • Attend the game and go home when the game is over.
  • Students may not:
  • Telephone for permission to stay or to arrange for rides after the games.
  • Leave campus and then return for a game unless chaperoned by an adult.
  • Students will be sent to Extended Care and charged the Drop-in Fee if:
    • They don’t stay on the benches and attend the game.
    • They aren’t picked up immediately when the game is over.