To provide leadership and coordination of activities for the Parent-Teacher Organization.
  • To prepare the agenda for the monthly planning meeting.
  • To conduct monthly planning meetings.
  • To coordinate activities of various committees.
  • To receive reports from various committees.
  • To ensure that PTO proceedings are communicated to all parents and teachers.
  • To ensure that minutes are maintained.
  • To provide support for the principal.
  • To work with the principal in planning Parent-Teacher Organization meetings several times annually.
  • To approve all fundraising activities and their respective budgets, including:
All PTO fund raising activities which supplement the operating budget:
  • Family Fun Night and Raffle
  • Scrip
  • Auction Gala
  • $1000 A MONTH Club
  • Jog-A-Thon
All PTO fundraising activities which enrich the school program including:
  • Supports the library.
  • Sports Booster Club-supports the after school sports program.
  • To audit the accounting for all monies raised by fundraising activities.