History/Social Studies



To earn the Certificate of Merit in History/Social Studies, you must do #1 and four other activities listed below.

1. Project Plan:

Choose an area, time period, event, or historical person to research. Complete a project plan and discuss it with your advisor.

2. Create a time line with pictures and dates related to your area of interest and write a report about it.

3. Research an important discovery or person in your area of interest and write a report about it.

4. Create a 3-dimensional map related to your area of interest.

5. Write a first person diary or journal for one month from the perspective of someone who might have lived during that time in history. Include points of view, feelings, and actual event.

6. Do a presentation of the music, art, dance, and clothing of that particular historical period. Include samples of the artwork and music, as well as illustrations of the types of clothing worn. To be presented at Open House.

7. Sketch, chalk, or paint a mural depicting a historical event that is appropriate for your area of study. Include a synopsis explaining the event.

8. Create and produce a game and game board based upon historical events or characters that are appropriate to your grade level. Include specific written instructions on the use of the game.

9. Visit a museum or take a related field trip (not a class sponsored field trip). Bring in a brochure and complete one of the following:

A) A picture with captions
B) A narrated video-taped tour
C) A model or diorama
D) A written description of what was there and what you learned