IMPORTANT: Make sure you have permission from your parents, anyone else involved, and the “OK” from your Certificate of Merit advisor before beginning your project.
Demonstrate knowledge and competence in authentic uses of the computer (or other technological tool approved by your advisor). To earn the Certificate of Merit in Technology, you must successfully complete five of the following activities:

1) Spreadsheet Project: Track weather patterns, football scores, your exercise routine, stocks, or another subject of your choice over a period of four weeks. Enter your data into a spreadsheet program then graph the changes you record. Be ready to explain your work to others.

2) Database Project: Create a database of your friends’ addresses, favorite books, video games, movie collection or a collection of your choice. You can use a spreadsheet as a database for this project or a dedicated database program. Once you have created the database, use it to reconfigure data in a variety of ways by sorting it in at least two different ways. Be ready to explain your work to others.

3) Desktop Publishing Project: Using a word processor or a publishing program (MS Publisher, Printshop, etc.) create a poster advertising a school activity, a sports activity, a church activity, or another subject of your choice. Use an appropriate selection of fonts, clipart, borders, and colors to make your poster appealing. Be ready to explain your work to others.

4) Word Processing Project: Prepare a written report (with a cover page) on a topic of your choice. Create your report using a word processing program (MS Word, WordPerfect, Student Writing Center, etc.). Include a variety of art work, fonts, type size, etc. to demonstrate your knowledge of the program’s features. Be ready to explain your work to your advisor and others in an oral report.

5) Multimedia Project (Choose ONE):

A) Prepare a video on a topic of your choice. Create a report using VHS format. Begin by writing a script and generating a storyboard prior to filming. Make any props you are going to include in the video. Be sure to demonstrate video techniques such as fade, zoom, etc. Be ready to explain your work to your advisor and others in an oral report.
B) Create a website (not necessary to post the site onto the web) on a topic of your choice. Your site must have at least three pages, appropriate art work as well as text, and good use of color. All pages must be linked with active links. You may use any web authoring method you have available. Be prepared to present toe project to the group and explain how you created it.

6) Free Choice Project: Select a project of your choice. Be sure to get the approval of your advisor AND your parents before beginning.