To earn the Certificate of Merit in Sports, you must do #1 and six (6) other activities listed below.

1. Project Plan:

Choose an area, athlete, event, or historical time frame to explore. Complete project plan and discuss it with your advisor.

2. Create a timeline with pictures and dates related to your area of interest.

3. Research an important discovery, event, or person in your area of interest and write a report about it.

4. Create a 3-dimensional presentation of a sporting event.

5. Write a first person diary or journal for one month from the perspective of someone who is part of your study.

6. Sketch, chalk, or paint a mural depicting a historical event that is appropriate for your area of study. Include a synopsis explaining the event.

7. Create and produce a game and game board based upon events and characters from your area of study.

8. Visit a ball field, museum, or related field trip (not a class sponsored field trip). Bring in a brochure and complete one of the following:

A) A picture display with captions
B) A narrated video-taped tour
C) A model or diorama
D) A written description of what was there and what you learned

9. Write a letter to an athlete or poem about your particular sport or athlete.

10. Interview an athlete or a coach and ask questions about their sport and life.

11. Research the rules, practices, traditions and history of your favorite sport.