To earn the Certificate of Merit in Religion, you must do #1 and four other activities listed below for Grades 2nd thru 4th. Grades 5th thru 8th must complete five other activities.

1. Project Plan:

Choose an area, time period, event, or person from the Bible to research. Complete a project plan and discuss it with your advisor.

2. Create a time line or storyboard with pictures and dates related to your area of interest.

3. Research an important discovery or person in your area of interest and write a report about it.

4. Write a letter or poem to Jesus or from Jesus regarding today and events happening.

5. Write a first person diary or journal for one month from the perspective of someone who might have lived during that time in history. Include points of view, feelings, and actual events.

6. Research why Catholics have certain traditions and beliefs and explain them and explain why Catholics believe in Jesus.

7. Sketch, chalk, or paint a mural depicting a historical event that is appropriate for your area of study. Include a synopsis explaining the event.

8. Research Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation and write a report.

9. Visit a mission or church or take a related field trip (not a class sponsored field trip). Bring in a brochure and complete one of the following:

A) A picture display with captions
B) A narrated video-taped tour
C) A model or diorama
D) A written description of what was there and what you learned

10. Research your favorite prayer and make a decorative display of it.

11. Interview a priest, nun, Religion teacher, or anyone who has inspired you in your faith. Ask about their calling, what is enjoyable, frustrating, how much time is involved.