To earn the Certificate of Merit in Science, choose a science project. Complete #1 and #2 and one of the three other activities from below.

1. Project Plan:

Write the topic, purpose, and specifics of what you will be observing and studying. The topic should be approved by the advisor.+

2. Experiment (complete all three parts):

A) Conduct an experiment related to your field of study.
B) Write a report about it. Explain the question or problem you are trying to answer as well as your hypothesis. Clearly explain the procedure you used (step by step). List the materials and equipment you used. Record and display your data using charts, graphs, diagrams, and/or sketches. The report should be written neatly, using correct spelling and grammar.
C) Present your results on a 3-sided display. The display should include a title, pictures taken during the experiment, the hypothesis, procedures, visual aids showing results, and conclusions.

3. Interview a scientist in your field of interest. Tell what they do and how they prepared
for their job.

4. Research an important discovery/theory in your area of study. Include who was involved, the time period, and how their discovery was accepted by the scientific community and society as a whole.

5. Visit a science museum or take a related trip and complete one of the following:

A) Write an outline of the main things you saw and learned. Be prepared to discuss it with your advisor.
B) Write a paragraph about the part of the trip you enjoyed/disliked the most. Bring a brochure from the place that you visited.